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March 7, 2010 at 9:24 PM (Not A Recipe) (, , , )

One of my favorite ingredients to cook with is fresh herbs. Unfortunately, the herbs you can buy at the grocery store (assuming they have what you’re looking for, which isn’t always the case) tend to be overpriced, possibly wilted, and usually in quantities that I can’t use up before they go bad in my fridge.

With that in mind, I’ve always wanted to grow my own herbs. I’ve started seeds on a few occasions (actually last year I had a glorious crop of Thai basil growing on my parents’ deck but after I left Maryland the plant didn’t make it) but haven’t always followed through, this time around I hope to change that.

With some seeds (obviously) and a seed starter greenhouse (I tried using leftover egg cartons but that didn’t take), I’ve managed to already sprout some plants.** Hopefully with a little effort and care, I’ll have full-grown fresh herbs in no time.

they're so tiny!

Basil seedlings just recently emerged.

*Herbiculture tag invented by Josh.

**My good friend Beth helped with the seed planting, so I’m giving her some credit here as well. =)


  1. Stacie said,

    Mmmm delishus!

    • Stacie said,

      now it looks like i am replying to myself because SOMEONE stole my computer. >=

  2. Beth said,

    eh hem. and WHO helped you plant all those seeds??

    • Stacie said,

      someone that i decided not to mention because that person hadn’t commented yet!

      i’m editing you into the entry right now. =P

  3. Beth said,

    Much obliged. Thank you!

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