New Beginnings

May 16, 2010 at 10:15 PM (Culinary Class, Not A Recipe, Personal) (, , )

WOW.  Basically I might be the worst blogger ever? Since I was all like “Oh, I am going to update this all the time” and then didn’t update for two months. Or more.

I have been stocking up on photos for material but then it’s like THIS HUGE OVERWHELMING AMOUNT of stuff and you don’t know where to start and you’re convinced that all your posts are just terrible and then you’re like “Well maybe I’ll update TOMORROW.” It’s a vicious cycle.

But! I actually have something really, really exciting to blog about now! I hope.

As of tomorrow morning, I will be starting a short course (four days a week, until August 30th) at the local community college called Foundations in Culinary. From what I know (which actually is not much, I’m a total noob when it comes to professional cooking–unless watching Food Network counts, herp derp), it’s a very basic course–definitely not like going to culinary school, but I should get the basics. I’m looking forward to improving my knife skills and time management, which I can definitely apply to even my home cooking. I’m also using this as an opportunity to see how I would feel working in a professional kitchen and a fast-paced environment. Even if I hate it I will at least have learned a lot of valuable things, and avoid spending the much larger sums of money and time involved in a full-time culinary program.

I’m pretty nervous about how the chef is going to be, and what the other students will be like (there’s only 12 of us), and my fear that I AM ACTUALLY THE WORST COOK OF ALL TIME AND I WILL FAIL HORRIBLY.

I want to blog about this whole experience as a way to keep myself grounded and, hopefully, motivated. STAY TUNED PLZ I promise I will stop sucking at updating this time.



  1. slamdunk said,

    Sounds like a fun experience. I have no talent in that area.

  2. Beth said,

    Your fabulous so stop worrying and have fun already!

  3. Jenn said,

    Spend your energy learning to cook so when I’m rich and famous I can employ you as my personal chef 😉

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