A Passion Rediscovered.

February 27, 2012 at 3:22 PM (Uncategorized)

Hello readers! You may be surprised to see me posting here, since I haven’t since summer of last year, and most of you probably assumed I was dead or had turned Amish and forsaken technology.

Nope, I just suck at blogging! =D

Seriously though, I have been so busy with school and work and just not terribly motivated to keep this up. When you consider the glut of food blogs in existence, it seemed pointless anyway (the competitive streak in me secretly hopes to get internet famous and land a book deal), so I just gave up.

But! A few developments:

  • I got a brand spankin’ new camera for Christmas (thanks to Josh, boyfriend extraordinaire), and being able to better document my creations gives me one less excuse to avoid posting.
  • I got a pretty huge tax return and treated myself to a few very fun additions to my kitchen. Nothing like new toys to get an apathetic me back to whipping up treats!
  • My parents, amazing people that they are, bought me the food processor I have been dreaming about for well over a year. The benefits of this were two-fold. First, OMG NEW FOOD PROCESSOR I AM GOING TO SHRED SLICE CHOP PUREE EVERYTHING IN HERE. >.> Second, the food processor is fairly large and needed counter space that I didn’t really have very much of…so in a moment of inspiration, I reorganized our tiny kitchen and my new baby is in a place of honor AND accessibility! And like any new addition to the family…pictures will be coming soon. XD
  •  The overall increase in prep space is also making it easier/more fun to cook non-food-processor things, which seems to be exactly what I needed, since I have been cooking a lot more now, despite having so much on my plate (haha! plate! ’cause food…goes on it…)!
  • Oh, and we’re trying to spend more time cooking and eating at home instead of getting takeout or microwaving something (frequently related to a resignation that the dishes just aren’t going to get done tonight and not wanting to add to the pile, but we’re working on that too).

So, all that being said, it also occurred to me today (literally a minute before I decided to log in and update this old thing) that I put a lot of undue pressure on myself to have every post filled with good photos and a successful recipe and be witty and readable and, you know…perfect. And there is absolutely no reason for that. Neither the quest for recipe post perfection nor the idea that every update has to be a recipe update actually make very much sense. The perfection is harder to deal with since it’s ingrained in my character, but I can fix the recipe update thing right now.

Today I am having a small but tasty and mostly healthy lunch, and I am going to tell you about it. A small bowl (note to self, need bigger bowls) of spring mix with 1 TBSP good quality Caesar dressing, a side of these fantastic multigrain tortilla chips, and one of my remaining vices….sweet tea. I’ve almost cut soda out of my diet entirely (except when we do go out to eat and there’s no better drink options…I will get water too and try it but if it tastes like chemicals I’ll just drink the damn soda), and am drinking some juice but mostly water, but sweet tea is just sooooooooooo gooooooooood. I think the extra vowels make my point.

So there you have it. Trying to not turn what should be a great outlet into a source of stress, and hopefully will be able to share more with you guys soon. =)


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