Many things have been said about me. These are just a few:

“[She] only snorts the finest coke at my weekly mansion parties/efficiency apartment parties. She don’t do no crap!” -Darby

“You’re a commie food nut who loves to cook and then give it away to everyone for free.” -Josh

“Nerdy but endearing.” -Mike

“Awesome. No further explanation needed.” -Riona


“Clean your room.”  -my mom

“…as it clearly states on pg 34574 section Z DIET COKE SUCKS good day sir.” -@uncleawesome (via Twitter)

She tweets too much.” -half of my Twitter followers that have since unfollowed me

I like your hair.” -@comwenchstalker (viaTwitter)

“SHUT UP.” -Eric

“And don’t forget to vacuum.” -my mom


  1. The Next Beyond said,

    We both used to live in dc and now asheville. And since there really aren’t that many darbys in this world, I probably already even know our one degree of seperation 🙂

    • Stacie said,

      interesting! small world.

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