03. Baked Potato Soup

March 5, 2010 at 12:00 AM (Recipe) (, , , )

a steaming warm bowl of potato soup

All for you, Jenn. All for you.

So, I had never really thought about making baked potato soup. I like–nay, love–baked potatoes on their own! I don’t need to put them in a soup! That would be weird. Besides, every time I saw this particular soup on a menu somewhere, it had bacon in it, which I can’t eat (for those of you who don’t know–I don’t eat pork products of any kind) so I had kind of ruled out the soup entirely. Then, via Twitter:

BaileysBelle @Commiewench You know what you should look into making? Baked Potato Soup. Whenever I try, it’s far too thin 😦

Well. Okay! And I just so happened to have some TURKEY bacon in my fridge from this past weekend, so the bacon factor wouldn’t even faze me this time.

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